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How to buy original art online

Are you an avid art lover? Or someone who desperately desires to decorate his/her home? And so, you are intensely searching to buy original art online. But just don’t know where to look. No worries, friends. Today we are going to explore and answer all your queries regarding this topic. So brace yourselves!

How do you buy art directly from the artist?

Typically when buying art, you have the luxury of time. So it’s not necessary that you purchase the art right away. Always inquire properly and your facts right about the art. Also inquire about the materials and tips to maintain the art properly. Always get the artist’s signature and documentation during the purchase.

How do I purchase affordable art?

Every once, when your home is furnished. Finding the wall art you adore for a gallery wall. At an affordable price can be a massive challenge. There are plenty of places to buy affordable art online. The first step is to identify what type of art you find attractive. Are you likely to spend more time at museums? Or you prefer, seaside watercolours or the Dutch Masters? Once you truly understand what you like. You will know what to look for. Let your style guide you to places that match your aesthetic.

Some sites have filters that let you search for art within a certain price range. Narrow down your options to those within your budget. And also that play a compliment to your home decoration. And eventually, you will discover art you will love.

What is the premium online art gallery?

The following are some of the premium online art galleries and you can buy original art online from here also:

Saatchi Art, which allows you to explore by price point. In this enormous online art gallery. You will find everything from expensive paintings to original sculptures to original drawings.

Society6: At this platform, you can obtain all sorts of home décor artworks. Including patterns from independent artists and designers. And you can also order wall art.

Tappan Collective: It features the work of emerging artists. So you can discover works of emerging artists and support their works. You are able to sort their works by medium. And that includes sculpture, paintings and mixed media.

Etsy: This is an excellent platform for original art, including vintage art. Moreover, if you are looking for printable wall art quotes. Or want to commission a drawing of your own home. Then Etsy will do it for you.

Minted: It is one of the most premium online art galleries to buy art. From a variety of independent artists. This fantastic site allows you to narrow down your search by style, medium or colour. Furthermore, you will discover loads of abstract watercolour pieces. And modern photography as well.

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How to buy original art near me?

Are you an ecstatic lover of art? Whose heart hurts when you see the plain walls of your home? And just don’t know where to look for original art? Not to worry! As we bring to you a massive display of artistic works. And clear your minds about where to buy original art near me. But before that, we would like to clarify all your doubts. With regards to art.

What kind of art sells the best?

There is a massive variety of visual arts available to us today. But only some under the category of best-selling. So, the kind of art that sells best includes:

Traditional Landscape paintings and Local Views.

Landscape paintings have been popular for a prolonged period. And continue to be the most popular today.

Abstract Paintings

Best-selling Media for paintings

Figure Studies and Nude Paintings

Seascapes and Abstract Landscapes.

What medium of art sells best online?

The mediums of art that sell best online are: Oil and Acrylic Paintings and Watercolour Paintings. Other popular mediums available online include Open-edition offset-litho prints. Limited-edition giclee prints, Limited-edition offset-litho prints. Artists’ original prints such as etchings and engravings. And also open-edition giclee paintings. To find best art, just type buy original art near me.

What is the most popular online art gallery in the world?

Art has been sold across the world for centuries.  And today, it is even easier to sell art. Due to the innumerable online galleries that have come up. Some of the most popular online art galleries in the world in UK are:

Art UK, Arts2arts, Rippingham Art, Artsper, Tate, Forest gallery and many more.

While the premium online art galleries in US include:

Gallery Today, Artzolo, Online Gallery, Rhytmartgallery and a lot more.

Australia too comprises an enormous number of online art galleries. Few of the most famous ones are:

Bluethumb, Artloveraustralia, Gallery247, Stateoftheheartgallery, Tuskgallery, MONDO Art and many more.

While Canada has a series of online art galleries as well. Some of the premium ones:

Artincanada, The AGO Collection, CANADIAN Art, and Canadian Art Online. Few others include:

McMichael Canadian Art Collection, and National Gallery of Canada.

Well how can we miss out on New Zealand! This spectacular nation does possess major online art galleries as well. Flaggstaff Art Gallery, Artbay Gallery, and Parnell Gallery are the most popular ones.  While Black Door Gallery and Bryce Gallery are famous too.

When it comes to art. It will be majorly chaotic if we forget to include the nation of art. And that is France. The widely popular art galleries in France are:

Paris Art Web, Ocula, Envie d’art, Artistics, and Artmajeur.

Finally! Coming to India, we must let you know that India too is no less. When it comes to art online. The most famous ones include:

Daughtor and Gallery of Gods,  My Indian Art, Indian Art Ideas, Artzolo and many more!

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How to find Best Original Art Online Canada

Art in Canada is marked by hundreds of years of inhabitation by First Nation’s Peoples. Which is followed by immense waves of immigration. That includes artists of European origin. And also artists with differing heritage from across the globe. The true nature of Canadian Art is a reflection of these diverse origins. As artists have adapted their tradition and these influences. In order to reflect the reality of their lives in Canada. So let us move forward and have a further glimpse of Canadian Art. And also discover the best original art online in Canada. But first, let us clear your doubts on the subject.

What kind of Art is found in Canada?

The kind of Art in Canada consists of visual as well as plastic art. And that includes painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. And all of these art forms originate from contemporary Canada.

Who is the most famous Canadian Artist?

The best way that art can be understood and recognized properly is to know about the artist. And the country boasts of the most famous Canadian artists. They include: Emily Carr, Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris, and Frederick Varley. And some of the others are Jean-Paul Riopelle, Jeff Wall, and many more.

Where can I buy art online in Canada?

Canada is home to one of the most fantastic galleries on the globe. The massive nation loves, portrays, and cherishes visual art. Such that every corner of the country has at least five to ten galleries. And these galleries aren’t restricted to just physical ones. But there are innumerable online art galleries as well. Wherein, there are no boundaries for art lovers. And so, they can easily buy art online in Canada. Famous Canadian online galleries include:, and And some of the other premium ones are Grace Announcements and Owl Studio.

Who is the best contemporary Canadian artist?

Some of the best contemporary Canadian artists are: Rodney Graham, Janet Cardiff and Evan Penny. Rodney Graham’s ‘Pipe Cleaner Artist, Amalfi’ is a larger than life artwork. And one of the best original art online in Canada. It shows Rodney Graham sitting on a chair and tying knots. The entire painting is so life-like that anyone would get baffled by it. He has used mixed media to draft this incredible art form. And has utilized very subtle colors to make the art come alive.

Rodney Graham is a multimedia artist whose works incorporate historical and philosophical allusions. Moreover, his works employ circular structures or narratives. He is associated with the Vancouver School of artists. In short, his works comprise of the best multimedia art available in Canada.

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Buy original art online in UK

The art of the United Kingdom greatly consists of all forms of visual art. It has come in to place since the formation of Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707. It encompasses English art, Welsh art, Scottish art and Irish art. And also other forms of Western Art History.

Amidst the 18th Century, Britain had begun to reclaim the leading place that England had taken in European Art. Which was during the Middle-Ages, and especially since Britain was strong in Landscape art and portraiture. Therefore, today, we can easily buy original art online in UK. Let us clarify some of your doubts on the subject. And let you know how.

Who is the most famous British artist?

Understanding a country’s artistic traditions is always incomplete without knowing their artists. Therefore, we present to you some of the most famous British artists of all time. They are: Francis Bacon and David Hockney. Lucian Freud and Richard Hamilton. And few other honourable mentions include: Bridget Riley, Frank Auerbach and Howard Hodgkin.

Which is the premium online art gallery in UK?

As mentioned earlier, the art of the United Kingdom has seen various stages since the Middle-Ages. From the era of canvas paintings being drawn inside the king’s palace. To sculptures and white and black photographs taken for movies. Throughout history, art in UK has always been enjoyed and obtained physically. However, today, during the 21st Century. Due to the enormous advancement in science and technology. Art is easily available through online galleries as well. Some of the premium online art galleries in UK are: Rippingham Art, Arts2arts and Forest Gallery. While others include: Degree Art, Art UK, Saatchi Art, Artsper and many more.

Which is the greatest original art in UK?

From album covers to classic oil paintings. From matchstick men to The Lady of Shallott. UK doesn’t just have varied tastes in art but quite a discerning eye too. Though they differ in style and subject matter. The pieces in the National Art Audit share some or the other common characteristics.

And according to a recent survey conducted. It is revealed to us that the greatest original art in UK is ‘The Hay Wain’ by John Constable. This classic painting portrays the other side of Britain. The rural side which was being intruded by the Industrial Revolution. This painting was finished in 1821. It is a spectacular artwork, drafted with minute details and brilliant craftsmanship. Each ripple on the river and leaf on tree is picked out perfectly. Moreover, it is a perfect representation of working life in the countryside. To the left of the painting, is Willy Lott’s Cottage. Which is occupied by farmworker William Lott. Which still exists in Flatford, Suffolk.

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How to Find Best Original Art in Australia

Visual Art has a prolonged history in Australia. From prehistoric aboriginal rock paintings to colonial landscapes and contemporary paintings. We can trace Australian Aboriginal Art to at least 40,000 years back. And it is one of the longest practiced artistic traditions on the globe. Rock Paintings are believed to have functioned for various purposes. Including ceremonial needs to merely decorative. Therefore, the Best Original Art in Australia can be found effortlessly. Let us clarify your doubts on the subject and find out how.

What types of original art is in Australia?

Original Art in Australia occurs in a great diversity of mediums. That includes photography, sculptures, multimedia, drawings, installations, paintings. And also, performance art is another integral type of art in Australia.

Who is Australia’s most famous artist for original art?

Knowing famous artists is a great way to understand and analyze their artworks better. As the emotions and mindset those artists possess are massively reflected in their artworks.   Some of the most famous artists of Australia include Sidney Nolan, Brett Whiteley, David Noonan, Margaret Olley, John Olsen, Margaret Preston, Albert Namatijira, Grace Cossington Smith, and many more.

Which is Australia’s Premium Online Art Gallery?

Art in Australia can not only be bought from galleries across the city. But also, a spectacular country has a wide range of online galleries. And Australia’s Premium Online Art Galleries comprise Mireille Art Gallery, Art Lovers Australia, State of the Art Gallery, Bluethumb, Tuskgallery, and many more. They possess an unimaginable array of exotic artworks including paintings, sculptures, historical furniture, and a lot more.

Who is Australia’s best contemporary artist?

Australia’s best contemporary artists include Ben Quilty, Ben Frost, Patricia Piccinini, Michael Staniak, Fiona Hall,  Fintan Magee, Tracey Moffat, Julia Rrap, and many more. One of the most famous paintings is crafted by famous contemporary artist Ben Quilty. The Angry Mob is a mind-boggling piece of Australian art that can be seen today. It is an Oil on Linen Painting. The artwork portrays a large mob of furious people gathered. The unique and concealed psychologies of people and places are depicted through this art. It loosely shows how people with the same emotion or purpose can get united to achieve it. Having this painting on your wall will make you understand human behavior and nature closely.

Ben Quilty focuses on themes of masculinity, national identity, and mortality. He works with a palette knife, molding high-contrast blocks of color from slabs of paint. Thus, giving his masterpieces a smeared, gestural style. As he is mainly inspired by the counter-religious iconography found in Spanish Cathedrals.

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Best Original Art in India

India is a land where classical melodies blend flawlessly with a mosaic of exquisite paintings. It is a diverse potpourri of arts and crafts. With all of its states and union territories bursting with ethnic flavours. The country glistens with liveliness and vitality. Thus, you can easily find the Best Original Art in India. And let’s answer some of your questions regarding it.

What is the difference between an original painting and a print?

Original Art is one of a kind. And when you buy an original, it is the only one in existence. However, printing methods have improved gradually. So, many printed images seem nearly as good as the original.

Is it worth buying original art?

The answer is YES. Buying original art is a really good investment. And we can claim this because original art is like fine wine. The older it gets, the higher its value rises. So, imagine you purchase an original painting rather than a printed version. After a few years, its value will elevate tremendously. Thus, you can re-sell it at a much higher price than you paid for it. Moreover, original art never fades away. It greatly resists dust, and other harmful air particles.

And one of the Best Original Art in India is Devi Durga Painting. This painting portrays Durga’s power to destroy evil. So, the artist has placed his focus on her ultimate power. Moreover, the artist has used a combination of scarlet and dark yellow colours. In order to portray blood and slaughter of evil. This original art is definitely worth buying. As it is not only ravishing and long-lasting. But it also helps to drive evil away.

Is originality important in art?

Yes, originality is crucial in art. And that’s because it takes great skill to create originality. Which usually comes from developing your own style. And mostly after many years of practicing and learning.

This Maa Kali painting is a great example of why originality in art is important. It shows Maa Kali appearing in her divine form to her reverent disciple Ramkrishna. Her electric blue aura is engulfing her favourite disciple and us as well. The artist has applied vibrant colours. And drafted this painting skilfully. Thus, only original art can invoke such intense feeling and not any printed version. Making it the Best Original Art in India.

If you desire to buy one of the Best Original Art in India. Then Gallery of Gods is your place to be. It offers an irresistible range of original artworks. To glorify your home and office walls. Book your artwork NOW!

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How to choose bedroom art ideas

Bedroom art ideas are important to decorate your walls. Wall decoration is important in bedroom, as no one wants to wake up in plain white box. Creative art display or bedroom art ideas will help you liven up the space. Art and amazing bedroom arts is unique in creative approach. Whether it be modern art, or feature wall art, these are for art lovers. Take our art inspiration to transform your bedroom into work of art.

Choose the Perfect Wall Art for your bedroom

Wall art or hangings serve as like decorating on the cake. Wall arts draw eyes and makes your home more inviting. While there is no set of rules to decorate your wall, but the basic instructions like colour, size, styles are the options for perfect wall art.

  • The sizes are following:

Large size            – 80-100 centimetres

Medium               – 60-70 centimetres

Small                     – 45-59 centimetres

Mini                       – 25-44 centimetres

  • The paintings should not be more than your sofa
  • Wall arts should be at least 15 centimetres above the edge of furniture
  • Consider the height of celling when choosing art sizes
  • Light blue and white painting look beautiful with a navy-blue wall.

What should every bedroom have?

There is no fixed formula to decorate your bedroom arts. Regardless your style or budget, some essential ideas will shape your bedroom into perfect space. The following formulas to consider:

  • Layered Bedding
  • Stylish Headboard
  • Good Curtains
  • Comfy Rug
  • God Painting in modern style
  • Ample Lighting
  • Storage Dresser and Nightstands
  • Statement Mirror
  • Playful and Graphic Art

What are the best colours for a bedroom?

There are no set rules to colour your bedrooms. But some of them are appealing and inviting for your home. The colours like Lavender, Pale blue, soft green, soft grey, off-white and deep blue. These colours are seriously soothing your bedroom.

What colours make a room look bigger?

In art world, light paint colours make a room bigger and brighter. Bright colours are more reflective and feel open & airy. For optimum effect off-white, blue and green makes your bedroom brighter and bigger.

Which painting is best for bedroom?

When you want to change your bedroom, you need not necessarily to revamp the entire setup. Bedroom furniture, decoration and flooring can cost lot of money. But simply change the paintings or arts of a room will give major facelift. Modern Paint Colours for Bedroom are like Pale Pallet, Peppery Gray, Pale Blue, purple Dream, light Blue, Vivid Green, Magic Purple, Cream Dream etc. And modern paintings can boost your bedroom look as well. If you are not sure to choose paintings, go through our art gallery.

What are the art trends for 2021?

Natural colours or arts were trending past few years. But bold colours are trending in 2021. In last year, we have spent most of the time at home and we realised the importance of living room or bedroom decoration. In 2021, every one of us will try to up to date with trending arts for our home or bedroom.

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Best Paintings for Living Room

Deciding on the Best Painting for Living Room can be challenging for most people. Especially since it is the one room in your home that gets most attention. As it is a social space where you bond with your loved ones. And entertain guests as well.

When looking for ways to beautify your wall, you look for graceful paintings. Paintings that not only beautify your wall, but brighten your day too. Moreover, people who have a distinct taste in art find it even more challenging to do so. However, if you have searched long for unique paintings. Then worry not! As we present to you some key pointers to consider, whilst making a selection for the Best Paintings for Living Room.

What kind of paintings are good for Living Room?

For a room that is ethnically styled, ethnic theme paintings are best. However, for a room with contemporary furniture, Surreal Paintings are suitable. If your living room is ethnically styled. Then, we bring to you Jesus Christ Painting. This Ethnic Painting not only sparkles your living room but also brings Christ’s blessings. Any visitor will be held spell-bound by seeing this artwork. Jesus Painting is a perfect gift for your home. And also, the Best Painting for Living Room.

How do I choose an Art for my Living Room?

While selecting a significant piece of artwork. Make sure that its background colour matches your wall colour. Also, utilise the same colour but in different shades. Thus, only select wall art if that same shade is in your room.

However, this Buddha Wall Painting will suit your wall, be it any shade. It is a multi-coloured art piece that would look perfect on your wall. This painting comprises some of the major elements of nature. These elements are associated with love, compassion, and kindness. Whoever has this painting shall not only decorate his wall. But also gain the blessings of Gautama Buddha. Thus, it is the Best Painting for Living Room.

Where can I buy nice paintings for my wall?

Are you confused? When looking for places to buy nice paintings for your wall. Worry not! Gallery of Gods is a one-stop destination for all your needs! A spectacular online gallery based in the heart of Bengal, Kolkata. It offers you a nail-biting array of art pieces.

Our gallery offers paintings for all religions and occasions. Including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and many more. Thus, if you want to decorate your living room wall. Then Gallery of Gods will provide you with the Best Painting for Living Room. Book your paintings at Gallery of Gods. And transform your living room wall, your home, and your life.

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Best Online Art Gallery in UK

Online art galleries will become our culture saviours in this current situation. This is always a great way of helping out of creativity. When the world finds itself indoors, the art galleries will become more important. At this moment, some of the art galleries have closed their doors and online art galleries are becoming the helpful option. Now. You can tap artistic inspiration from the comfort of your living room.

What is the best online art gallery?

If you are looking for some of the best online art galleries in London UK, you will find here some galleries here like – The National Gallery, The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, The British Museum, Google Street Art Project, The Vatican, Art UK, Artnet, The Affordable Art Fair etc.

Can you negotiate price at Art gallery?

Negotiation is expected. Discount or negotiation depends on circumstances of the particular sale and each art gallery handles it differently.  Galleries would like to turn new customers into regular one by giving discount like 5 to 10 percent to establish a long-term relation. Other incentives to buyers can include a break on the cost of crafting, shipping and insurance as the art work is transported to buyer’s home.

What kind of art sells best?

There are few boards of paintings that appeal to audience. But it is obvious that there is no guarantee that the given paintings will sell. From the first time, if you stick to a particular subject that will boost your sell in future.  Here are the types of paintings that sell best.

  • Landscape Painting
  • Abstract Painting
  • Abstract Landscape & Nude painting
  • Acrylic painting & Local views

Where is the best place to buy art?

Across the world, we have figured out some best places to buy art online. Across these sites, you will find wide range of art styles. Arts are never been accessible before like this. Now you can order from the comfort of your house.  Here is the list of best places to buy art-

  1. Artfinder
  2. SaatchiArt
  3. Absolut Art
  4. Society6
  5. Gallery of Gods
  6. Tappan Collective & more

What art is trending in 2021?

As the new year started, we reflect on where the art world is heading or contributing to the popularity of art collection. Depending on preferences, some of the popular and modern art works are trending in 2021.

  • Line Art
  • Female figure
  • Bold abstracts
  • Creative painting
  • Gods painting
  • Contemporary art
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Buy Online Lord Buddha Painting

Best Wall Painting and Decoration

Buddha was a philosopher, meditator, teacher, and a spiritual being who sojourned in Ancient India. Being the founder of Buddhism, which is a major religion as well as a philosophical system in southern and eastern Asia as well as the rest of the world. He is diligently worshipped by majority Buddhist schools and known as the ‘Enlightened One’ who is appeared to have transcended karma and seemed to have broken free of the cycle of birth and rebirth.

He lived about 2700 years ago and it is claimed that he was not a god, however, there is a lot of research and analysis going on around by historians to discover whether he was a god or a spiritual man. His name was Siddhartha Gautama who possessed profound insights that tremendously inspired the world at that time. He was a twenty-nine-year-old prince whose life abruptly took a different turn when was riding a carriage outside his palace.

Wherein, he stumbled upon a sick man, an old man and then a corpse which shocked him beyond belief. And realization hit him hard that his elevated stature is incapable of protecting him from any sort of affliction, old age and death. From that moment onwards, he denounced the pleasures of this world and initiated a quest for spirituality.

He spent majority of his life teaching people how to attain enlightenment themselves, and gave his first ever sermon in Sernath, near Benaras. From there onwards, he moved across villages, attracting disciples along the way. He was the founder of the original order of Buddhist monks and nuns and taught them to become sagaciously learned teachers as well.

Throughout history, numerous Lord Buddha paintings have been crafted by various artists across centuries to glorify the stature of the enlightened one and the greatest teacher of all time.

And now, Gallery of Gods presents to the world Lord Buddha Wall painting as well as Lord Buddha painting on canvas. In this strikingly ravishing Lord Buddha painting, the artist has placed the focus on Buddha’s facial features by highlighting his prominent nose and protruding ears, along with his noticeably supple lips and large eyelids, which are closed in meditation. Moreover, the holy dot on his forehead grabs the attention of the viewers to a vast extent, lying perfectly in the center of his forehead between his lengthy eyebrows and aligned flawlessly with his nose.

Furthermore, the artist has placed sufficient significance to his slender long neck which can hardly go unnoticed by any admirer of art. In addition to this, his hair that is adhered tightly to the scalp in snaillike curls has been portrayed with impeccability. One admirably intense look at this Lord Buddha’s painting and the viewer will remember the face of the enlightened one forever.

This canvas painting has the potential to colossally dazzle on the walls of your home. Especially the light cream and yellowish paint ingeniously applied by the artist makes it matching with walls of variant colours. Additionally, if the colour of the wall is white, this wall painting would exceedingly glamorize it and make the wall stand out from the rest.

Why you should buy Lord Buddha Painting?

Lord Buddha says, “The world is in pain because we are afraid of completely accepting and loving our true sexual identity. The moment we accept the pain, its control over our mind, body and soul diminishes.”

Lord Buddha’s paintings serve as a medium of peace and brings prosperity in your life. His paintings also act as a shield against negative energy and sorrow. His painting brings positive Feng shui to your home and creates an aura of relaxation and positivity.

Lord Buddha’s painting serves as a reminder to be mindful, create an environment of self-love and overall brings good luck to your home and/or office FOREVER.

Thus, buy Lord Buddha Painting from Gallery of Gods and also gift this finest quality Artwork to someone you really care for, because this masterpiece will stay with him till the end of the line, providing him an environment of peace, prosperity and love.

What are you waiting for? Add Lord Buddha Painting on Canvas to your cart NOW!

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Why should you buy Canvas Painting

Purchasing posters and print decorations for your wall is ecstatic and glamorous, plus it represents your dedication and fandom towards the character or brands poster or print that you have bought. And apart from being exceptionally affordable, it’s a fantastic way to start your collection. However, with that being said, we would like to convey to you that a poster or print can NEVER match the elegance of an authentic work of art.

Suppose you have been collecting framed prints for some time now, we bring to you few thoughtful reasons why investing in an original Artwork should be your next major step:

  1. Canvas Painting as a Diction:

Artists place their heart and soul while crafting a painting. The canvas painting acts as a channel for them to express their individual ideas, thoughts, philosophies as well as creativity in a gloriously visual manner. Enrich your homes and engross yourselves into these artistic masterpieces that soulfully portray the artists’ deep thoughts and emotions on canvas.

  1. Canvas Art Portray Tactility

Authentic pieces of art on a canvas always possess a luscious texture that just cannot be compared to the print of a renowned painting. The texture that emerges has an inbuilt tangible quality that makes the canvas’ painting price worthy of being paid for.

  1. Canvas Art encourages and inspires

We are familiar with the fact that authentic art is a substantial conversation starter. Additionally, it acts as a source of encouragement that allows us to escape from the mundane thoughts of daily life and reflect on our inner true self.  A canvas painting acts as a source of inspiration to contemplate, plan and look forward to a new life that will become better someday as compared to what it is currently.

  1. Original Canvas Art as a focal point

Every room or hall in a house greatly requires a focal point, and what can be a better way to provide it with than a genuine work of canvas art. Irrespective of whether your choice of artworks is driven towards mesmerizing floral landscapes, or bold and glamorous abstracts, the painting that you opt for is inevitably going to catch and hold the attention of any soulful being that makes an entrance into the place. Not likely that a large piece of furniture or coffee table books can draw and hold that kind of attention in a home.

  1. Design your own Art Gallery

Are you fond of eye-popping art that divinely portrays culture, traditions, myths or even folklore? Whichever category of artwork gravitates you, selecting innumerable pieces of art and exhibiting them in a group will provide your space with the ecstatically charming feel of a gallery. Immensely making every guest that walks in, drool over with exhilaration and enchantment at the visually appealing sight of your unique taste in decoration and portrayal of your home.

  1. Enhanced value of original hand drawing art

Unlike posters and print decorations, the value of a piece of remarkably original canvas art enhances with time. Thus, authentic artwork of good quality can be auctioned for enormous amounts as time passes. Just like the saying, ‘Old is Gold’. The value of an aged canvas painting is worth its weight in gold. And we are NOT exaggerating!

Along with the reasons mentioned above, let us show you some of the benefits of purchasing a canvas painting:

  • Durability: Canvas art is highly durable. Canvas paintings can be hung inside and out and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Basically, canvas art is a plain-woven fabric which is sturdy as the cotton is properly mixed with synthetic fibres. Furthermore, canvas paintings are mostly waterproof.  
  • Easy to Hang: These art pieces can be hung easily anywhere inside or outside your house. All you require is putting a nail inside your home or office wall and hang it right up.

 Gallery of Gods is renowned not only in India but worldwide to provide you with that experience of the world’s finest canvas art, and curating your own gallery inside your house can turn out to be an enthralling experience for you!

So why delay the enchanting process? Book and grab your canvas painting online and take the next step in transforming yourself into a dedicated and diligent art collector today!

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Best Art Gallery in Kolkata you should visit

An Art Gallery unravels the arena of classic glamour to the world. It’s the one place where people do not just come for the sake of entertainment but to enrich their ingenious imagination. Although some folks visit such exhibitions for sheer amusement or to kill time itself.

But for the dedicated students of art, theses exhibitions offer a gargantuan aura of learning and to test the limits of their vividly ravishing imagination. There are innumerable cities across the world that are referred to as Art Capitals and which proudly portray the historical art of their respective countries.

Similarly, the Indian state of West Bengal is possesses an enriched artistic and cultural heritage. As a result of the enormous number of different rulers in the past, arts and crafts in West Bengal underwent massive alterations. Thus, providing the state an artistically innovative diversity today in the forms of handicrafts, paintings, masks, carvings etc.

While Kolkata, being the capital of West Bengal is also known as the cultural capital of India. It is a revival of the arts and cultural movement with fresh waves of artistic development appearing around the city.

Emerging from a prolonged literary, artistic as well as architectural tradition, Kolkata is a blend of colonial remnants forming a new era of creative energy. The city is a gigantic centre of Art Galleries depicting the enormous artistic culture of the rich city.

The Best Art Gallery in Kolkata is Gallery of Gods. It is one of the most prestigiously divine online Art Galleries in Kolkata that stages a resplendent display of historically religious paintings and other forms of artistic works whose major aim is to significantly glorify the deities of the innumerable religions across the world few of them being Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, the Greek and Roman Gods and many more.

This online Art Gallery in Kolkata comprises a colossal variety of eye-popping artworks ranging from canvas paintings of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesh, the numerous forms of the renowned Indian goddess Durga, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and various canvases of deities from other religions from across the globe.

This diverse Art Gallery in Kolkata not only possesses artworks in the form of paintings but also exhibits every other type of art forms known to mankind; from sculptures of famous icons, handicrafts, to calligraphic artistry, we have got it all! We not only display artistic works of deities and moments that hold massive significance in the history of religions prevalent in India. But also those religiously historical moments that define turning points in the history of various other civilizations such as Mayans, Romans, Ancient Egyptians etc.

Unlike other galleries, which mainly focus on presenting the contemporary artworks, or the artworks that are trending in today’s age and purely based on the creativity of the artist. Gallery of Gods focusses primarily on representing the art forms of the variety of faiths and religions that exist on this planet. This gallery aims to display the deep emotions of the uncountable religious paintings that the artists have crafted to glorify their individually unique religion. This concept not only aims to honor the variety of religions that are present on this earth but also to bring them in the common public’s eye.

This Art Gallery in Kolkata gives equal importance to the paintings and other art forms of religion that ever existed or exists in this world. Moreover, we are constantly on the lookout for various other areas of artistic forms that are inclusive of both already existing and newly founded beliefs and faiths from across the globe. And this in specific, honors Gallery of Gods as the Best Art gallery in Kolkata as compared to the other Art Galleries nearby Kolkata.

In addition to representing and glorifying the paintings of religious deities and primeval events, Gallery of Gods is on an impeccable mission to provide a recognizable platform for emerging artists as well as the works of veteran art maestros to achieve thorough recognition for their innovative pieces of genius.

There are numerous Art Galleries nearby Kolkata, however, Gallery of Gods is the only one worthy of being called the best for their endless efforts and initiatives to glorify Art forms of the thousands of religious rituals practiced across the world that we have never even heard of!