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Buy original art online in UK

The art of the United Kingdom greatly consists of all forms of visual art. It has come in to place since the formation of Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707. It encompasses English art, Welsh art, Scottish art and Irish art. And also other forms of Western Art History.

Amidst the 18th Century, Britain had begun to reclaim the leading place that England had taken in European Art. Which was during the Middle-Ages, and especially since Britain was strong in Landscape art and portraiture. Therefore, today, we can easily buy original art online in UK. Let us clarify some of your doubts on the subject. And let you know how.

Who is the most famous British artist?

Understanding a country’s artistic traditions is always incomplete without knowing their artists. Therefore, we present to you some of the most famous British artists of all time. They are: Francis Bacon and David Hockney. Lucian Freud and Richard Hamilton. And few other honourable mentions include: Bridget Riley, Frank Auerbach and Howard Hodgkin.

Which is the premium online art gallery in UK?

As mentioned earlier, the art of the United Kingdom has seen various stages since the Middle-Ages. From the era of canvas paintings being drawn inside the king’s palace. To sculptures and white and black photographs taken for movies. Throughout history, art in UK has always been enjoyed and obtained physically. However, today, during the 21st Century. Due to the enormous advancement in science and technology. Art is easily available through online galleries as well. Some of the premium online art galleries in UK are: Rippingham Art, Arts2arts and Forest Gallery. While others include: Degree Art, Art UK, Saatchi Art, Artsper and many more.

Which is the greatest original art in UK?

From album covers to classic oil paintings. From matchstick men to The Lady of Shallott. UK doesn’t just have varied tastes in art but quite a discerning eye too. Though they differ in style and subject matter. The pieces in the National Art Audit share some or the other common characteristics.

And according to a recent survey conducted. It is revealed to us that the greatest original art in UK is ‘The Hay Wain’ by John Constable. This classic painting portrays the other side of Britain. The rural side which was being intruded by the Industrial Revolution. This painting was finished in 1821. It is a spectacular artwork, drafted with minute details and brilliant craftsmanship. Each ripple on the river and leaf on tree is picked out perfectly. Moreover, it is a perfect representation of working life in the countryside. To the left of the painting, is Willy Lott’s Cottage. Which is occupied by farmworker William Lott. Which still exists in Flatford, Suffolk.