Best Original Art in India

India is a land where classical melodies blend flawlessly with a mosaic of exquisite paintings. It is a diverse potpourri of arts and crafts. With all of its states and union territories bursting with ethnic flavours. The country glistens with liveliness and vitality. Thus, you can easily find the Best Original Art in India. And let’s answer some of your questions regarding it.

What is the difference between an original painting and a print?

Original Art is one of a kind. And when you buy an original, it is the only one in existence. However, printing methods have improved gradually. So, many printed images seem nearly as good as the original.

Is it worth buying original art?

The answer is YES. Buying original art is a really good investment. And we can claim this because original art is like fine wine. The older it gets, the higher its value rises. So, imagine you purchase an original painting rather than a printed version. After a few years, its value will elevate tremendously. Thus, you can re-sell it at a much higher price than you paid for it. Moreover, original art never fades away. It greatly resists dust, and other harmful air particles.

And one of the Best Original Art in India is Devi Durga Painting. This painting portrays Durga’s power to destroy evil. So, the artist has placed his focus on her ultimate power. Moreover, the artist has used a combination of scarlet and dark yellow colours. In order to portray blood and slaughter of evil. This original art is definitely worth buying. As it is not only ravishing and long-lasting. But it also helps to drive evil away.

Is originality important in art?

Yes, originality is crucial in art. And that’s because it takes great skill to create originality. Which usually comes from developing your own style. And mostly after many years of practicing and learning.

This Maa Kali painting is a great example of why originality in art is important. It shows Maa Kali appearing in her divine form to her reverent disciple Ramkrishna. Her electric blue aura is engulfing her favourite disciple and us as well. The artist has applied vibrant colours. And drafted this painting skilfully. Thus, only original art can invoke such intense feeling and not any printed version. Making it the Best Original Art in India.

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