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How to choose bedroom art ideas

Bedroom art ideas are important to decorate your walls. Wall decoration is important in bedroom, as no one wants to wake up in plain white box. Creative art display or bedroom art ideas will help you liven up the space. Art and amazing bedroom arts is unique in creative approach. Whether it be modern art, or feature wall art, these are for art lovers. Take our art inspiration to transform your bedroom into work of art.

Choose the Perfect Wall Art for your bedroom

Wall art or hangings serve as like decorating on the cake. Wall arts draw eyes and makes your home more inviting. While there is no set of rules to decorate your wall, but the basic instructions like colour, size, styles are the options for perfect wall art.

  • The sizes are following:

Large size            – 80-100 centimetres

Medium               – 60-70 centimetres

Small                     – 45-59 centimetres

Mini                       – 25-44 centimetres

  • The paintings should not be more than your sofa
  • Wall arts should be at least 15 centimetres above the edge of furniture
  • Consider the height of celling when choosing art sizes
  • Light blue and white painting look beautiful with a navy-blue wall.

What should every bedroom have?

There is no fixed formula to decorate your bedroom arts. Regardless your style or budget, some essential ideas will shape your bedroom into perfect space. The following formulas to consider:

  • Layered Bedding
  • Stylish Headboard
  • Good Curtains
  • Comfy Rug
  • God Painting in modern style
  • Ample Lighting
  • Storage Dresser and Nightstands
  • Statement Mirror
  • Playful and Graphic Art

What are the best colours for a bedroom?

There are no set rules to colour your bedrooms. But some of them are appealing and inviting for your home. The colours like Lavender, Pale blue, soft green, soft grey, off-white and deep blue. These colours are seriously soothing your bedroom.

What colours make a room look bigger?

In art world, light paint colours make a room bigger and brighter. Bright colours are more reflective and feel open & airy. For optimum effect off-white, blue and green makes your bedroom brighter and bigger.

Which painting is best for bedroom?

When you want to change your bedroom, you need not necessarily to revamp the entire setup. Bedroom furniture, decoration and flooring can cost lot of money. But simply change the paintings or arts of a room will give major facelift. Modern Paint Colours for Bedroom are like Pale Pallet, Peppery Gray, Pale Blue, purple Dream, light Blue, Vivid Green, Magic Purple, Cream Dream etc. And modern paintings can boost your bedroom look as well. If you are not sure to choose paintings, go through our art gallery.

What are the art trends for 2021?

Natural colours or arts were trending past few years. But bold colours are trending in 2021. In last year, we have spent most of the time at home and we realised the importance of living room or bedroom decoration. In 2021, every one of us will try to up to date with trending arts for our home or bedroom.