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Buy Online Lord Buddha Painting

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Buddha was a philosopher, meditator, teacher, and a spiritual being who sojourned in Ancient India. Being the founder of Buddhism, which is a major religion as well as a philosophical system in southern and eastern Asia as well as the rest of the world. He is diligently worshipped by majority Buddhist schools and known as the ‘Enlightened One’ who is appeared to have transcended karma and seemed to have broken free of the cycle of birth and rebirth.

He lived about 2700 years ago and it is claimed that he was not a god, however, there is a lot of research and analysis going on around by historians to discover whether he was a god or a spiritual man. His name was Siddhartha Gautama who possessed profound insights that tremendously inspired the world at that time. He was a twenty-nine-year-old prince whose life abruptly took a different turn when was riding a carriage outside his palace.

Wherein, he stumbled upon a sick man, an old man and then a corpse which shocked him beyond belief. And realization hit him hard that his elevated stature is incapable of protecting him from any sort of affliction, old age and death. From that moment onwards, he denounced the pleasures of this world and initiated a quest for spirituality.

He spent majority of his life teaching people how to attain enlightenment themselves, and gave his first ever sermon in Sernath, near Benaras. From there onwards, he moved across villages, attracting disciples along the way. He was the founder of the original order of Buddhist monks and nuns and taught them to become sagaciously learned teachers as well.

Throughout history, numerous Lord Buddha paintings have been crafted by various artists across centuries to glorify the stature of the enlightened one and the greatest teacher of all time.

And now, Gallery of Gods presents to the world Lord Buddha Wall painting as well as Lord Buddha painting on canvas. In this strikingly ravishing Lord Buddha painting, the artist has placed the focus on Buddha’s facial features by highlighting his prominent nose and protruding ears, along with his noticeably supple lips and large eyelids, which are closed in meditation. Moreover, the holy dot on his forehead grabs the attention of the viewers to a vast extent, lying perfectly in the center of his forehead between his lengthy eyebrows and aligned flawlessly with his nose.

Furthermore, the artist has placed sufficient significance to his slender long neck which can hardly go unnoticed by any admirer of art. In addition to this, his hair that is adhered tightly to the scalp in snaillike curls has been portrayed with impeccability. One admirably intense look at this Lord Buddha’s painting and the viewer will remember the face of the enlightened one forever.

This canvas painting has the potential to colossally dazzle on the walls of your home. Especially the light cream and yellowish paint ingeniously applied by the artist makes it matching with walls of variant colours. Additionally, if the colour of the wall is white, this wall painting would exceedingly glamorize it and make the wall stand out from the rest.

Why you should buy Lord Buddha Painting?

Lord Buddha says, “The world is in pain because we are afraid of completely accepting and loving our true sexual identity. The moment we accept the pain, its control over our mind, body and soul diminishes.”

Lord Buddha’s paintings serve as a medium of peace and brings prosperity in your life. His paintings also act as a shield against negative energy and sorrow. His painting brings positive Feng shui to your home and creates an aura of relaxation and positivity.

Lord Buddha’s painting serves as a reminder to be mindful, create an environment of self-love and overall brings good luck to your home and/or office FOREVER.

Thus, buy Lord Buddha Painting from Gallery of Gods and also gift this finest quality Artwork to someone you really care for, because this masterpiece will stay with him till the end of the line, providing him an environment of peace, prosperity and love.

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