10 October – 09 November 2020 Kolkata

Gallery of GODS pays homage to Goddess Durga, by this virtual exhibition of paintings and sculptures dedicated to her. Over forty artists have joined hands to create beautiful images of her.
Durga is not only a Goddess in our culture. She is part of our family and once every year comes to earth to visit her mortal family with her children to celebrate Durga Pujo.

Join us on this journey to view this exhibition. We have kept a nonhierarchical structure for this exhibition which would allow a visitor to have a look at all the paintings. Should any one catch the eye then click and zoom into the individual page to get a closer view of the image. Comment, like,  review and do contact us for any queries regarding purchase or otherwise.

Thank you and wish you a beautiful viewing experience.


Art Works

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Past Gallery Exhibitions

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