Best Art Gallery in Kolkata you should visit

An Art Gallery unravels the arena of classic glamour to the world. It’s the one place where people do not just come for the sake of entertainment but to enrich their ingenious imagination. Although some folks visit such exhibitions for sheer amusement or to kill time itself.

But for the dedicated students of art, theses exhibitions offer a gargantuan aura of learning and to test the limits of their vividly ravishing imagination. There are innumerable cities across the world that are referred to as Art Capitals and which proudly portray the historical art of their respective countries.

Similarly, the Indian state of West Bengal is possesses an enriched artistic and cultural heritage. As a result of the enormous number of different rulers in the past, arts and crafts in West Bengal underwent massive alterations. Thus, providing the state an artistically innovative diversity today in the forms of handicrafts, paintings, masks, carvings etc.

While Kolkata, being the capital of West Bengal is also known as the cultural capital of India. It is a revival of the arts and cultural movement with fresh waves of artistic development appearing around the city.

Emerging from a prolonged literary, artistic as well as architectural tradition, Kolkata is a blend of colonial remnants forming a new era of creative energy. The city is a gigantic centre of Art Galleries depicting the enormous artistic culture of the rich city.

The Best Art Gallery in Kolkata is Gallery of Gods. It is one of the most prestigiously divine online Art Galleries in Kolkata that stages a resplendent display of historically religious paintings and other forms of artistic works whose major aim is to significantly glorify the deities of the innumerable religions across the world few of them being Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, the Greek and Roman Gods and many more.

This online Art Gallery in Kolkata comprises a colossal variety of eye-popping artworks ranging from canvas paintings of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesh, the numerous forms of the renowned Indian goddess Durga, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and various canvases of deities from other religions from across the globe.

This diverse Art Gallery in Kolkata not only possesses artworks in the form of paintings but also exhibits every other type of art forms known to mankind; from sculptures of famous icons, handicrafts, to calligraphic artistry, we have got it all! We not only display artistic works of deities and moments that hold massive significance in the history of religions prevalent in India. But also those religiously historical moments that define turning points in the history of various other civilizations such as Mayans, Romans, Ancient Egyptians etc.

Unlike other galleries, which mainly focus on presenting the contemporary artworks, or the artworks that are trending in today’s age and purely based on the creativity of the artist. Gallery of Gods focusses primarily on representing the art forms of the variety of faiths and religions that exist on this planet. This gallery aims to display the deep emotions of the uncountable religious paintings that the artists have crafted to glorify their individually unique religion. This concept not only aims to honor the variety of religions that are present on this earth but also to bring them in the common public’s eye.

This Art Gallery in Kolkata gives equal importance to the paintings and other art forms of religion that ever existed or exists in this world. Moreover, we are constantly on the lookout for various other areas of artistic forms that are inclusive of both already existing and newly founded beliefs and faiths from across the globe. And this in specific, honors Gallery of Gods as the Best Art gallery in Kolkata as compared to the other Art Galleries nearby Kolkata.

In addition to representing and glorifying the paintings of religious deities and primeval events, Gallery of Gods is on an impeccable mission to provide a recognizable platform for emerging artists as well as the works of veteran art maestros to achieve thorough recognition for their innovative pieces of genius.

There are numerous Art Galleries nearby Kolkata, however, Gallery of Gods is the only one worthy of being called the best for their endless efforts and initiatives to glorify Art forms of the thousands of religious rituals practiced across the world that we have never even heard of!

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