Mahamaya Maa Kali

This  Maa Kali Painting is an excellent piece of art. The artist has created this drawing of  Kali to glorify her might.

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Maa| Mahamaya | Kali

Maa Kali the ulitimate Shakti. The supreme embodiment of power has been captured brilliantly by the artist. Her bright shiny  black  face is enhanced by the big eyes set in red pupil. Her long curly hair shows strenght and good health.  Traditionally Maa Kali has thick long black curly hair. The impasto use of golden thick streak only highlights this. Even the golden nose brings out the vitality of our beloved mother.
After a long time this single maa kali painting has truely left me mesmerised .

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6 inch x 8 inch


As this painting comes with a binding


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