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Mahakali | Kali Maa

This painting represents Mahakali or Kali Maa who is one of the enraged transformations of Durga. The artist has painted a vividly animated image of Kali maa, which would attract the attention of anyone instantly. Moreover, having this painting at home would strike fear into the hearts of people. And so, they would think innumerable times before committing any wrongdoing or sin. Knowing that Mahakali is watching them and would punish them severely if they turn to evil.

The artist describes her as the ‘Great Shakti’ who is a miraculous blend of all the gods’ powers. As she generates friction between divine forces like Brahma, as well as the anti-divine forces. The goddess who keeps all the energies of Vishnu withheld in the Ajnachakra. Then she emerges as the goddess of with ten arms, head and feet.

Moreover, the artist informs us about her various forms such as ‘Ratri’. Who keeps her starlike eyes open with the sleeping world lying in her lap. She, who remains awake when the individual jivas sleep under the influence of delusion, as ‘Moharatri’. And when the entire universe sleeps at the end of dissolution, she is ‘Maharatri’. Finally, the one who remains awake when the Lord of the Universe is lying dormant, as Kalaratri.

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Tempera on Paper
Pasted on hard moundboard


30 inch x 21 inch


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