Triguna Parameshvari

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Triguna Parmeshwari | Durga Parmeshwari

This Durga Parmeshwari colour painting is an intensely sparkling artwork which glorifies another avatar of goddess Durga. In the artwork, she carries a matulinga fruit, a mace, a shield, and a drinking bowl in her four hands. And on Her head is a snake, a linga and a yoni. The artist coloured in burnished gold with ornaments of burnished gold.

Furthermore, the creator of this divine Parmeshwari colour painting narrates to us that, the emptiest spaces of all the worlds are filled by her energy. Therefore, if you have this marvellous artwork at home, it will bring immense prosperity. And also, it will be a source of positive energy inside your home or office.

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Earth Colour on Paper
Pasted on hard moundboard


31 inch x 26 inch


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