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Inspiring stories of Ganesha – son of Shiv and Parvati. Ganpati painting is  the sign of obstacles destroyer. And, Hindu people worship before starting any important tasks. Ganpati paintings are sign of positive energy. However, serious art collectors consider Ganpati panting as priceless to their personal collection.

What are important benefits of buying Ganesha Painting?

  • Ganpati paintings are considered to keep away negative energy
  • Leads to success completion of any task
  • Brings strong will and focus on the people of the house or may be workplace.

Where can we place Ganpati painting?

You should place Ganpati painting at well lit area of your house or office. Eastern and northern walls are considered auspicious. So, please avoid to place on the wall adjoining with washrooms.

 Why you should buy Ganpati paintings from Gallery of Gods?

Gallery of Gods – based in Kolkata has huge stock of Ganpati paintings. Theses paintings are handmade & original by famous artists. We ship in any part of India and abroad too with secure online payment. So, our customer service are always happy to help. So, our painting collection will surely impress you.

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Acrylic on Canvas


30 inch x 36 inch


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