Darshan to Ramkrishna | Maa Kali painting

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This is a very powerful painting as it shows Goddess Ma Kali appearing in her divine form to her reverent disciple Ramkrishna. Her electric blue aura is all pervading engulfing her favorite disciple and through him, us. We are blessed to be part of such a pure moment.

Ramkrishna has lost his colour as he now part of the great Goddess Kali, And in her he see the cosmos and all the stars and the planets. And through his crown chakra he is imbibing her knowledge which he would use later to heal.

Only the deep sensibilities of  Artist K. Muralidharan’s could have led to the birth of such a  powerful inspiring Ma Kali painting.


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K. Muralidharan is an eminent, Indian Asian Modern & Contemporary artist. He is a graduate of College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai.
Having strong Indian roots, his painting style reflects our cultural, folk and mythological symbols and figures. Using a thick impasto style the paintings become eye catching yet remain always refined. And, he crafted this Maa Kali painting brilliantly.
K. Muralidharan has participated in several prestigious shows India Art Festival, South Indian Contemporary Art at London and Indian Contemporary Fine Arts at Los Angeles. Moreover, he has awarded multiple grants and scholarships like Govt. of India Cultural Fellowship Senior ‘Guest Artist’ Glasgow School, Scotland in 1993. Among the many awards that he has received the National Award in 1994.

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Acrylic on Paper


28 inch x 30 inch


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