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Mahalakshmi | Maa Lakshmi

This painting of Maa Lakshmi has been given a touch of vibrant glamour by the artist. As he has beautifully portrayed her sitting on her buffalo. And all the creations of this universe are bowing before her. This colour painting on paper has the power to humble all her devotees and make them bow before her in worship. Moreover, the brilliant and sparkling colours catch the attention of any person who would walk through your hallway or room and find this painting on your wall.

Additionally, the artist explains that Maa Lakshmi is the one Mother who asserts herself to be combining the essence of all gods. The power of creation in Brahma, Vishnu’s power of preservation. Shiva’s power of dissolution, Indra’s power of controlling all Nature. Agni’s power of mediating in sacrifices, Surya’s power of illuminating the worlds. Varuna’s power of upholding the moral order of the universe and all other divine powers.

Maa Lakshmi is the Shakti who is eternal and the supreme controller of the worlds. She embodies the three Gunas and yet, transcends them all.

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Earth Colour on Paper
Pasted on hard moundboard


30 inch x 21 inch


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