About Us

A famous icon by the name of George Bernard Shaw once said, “You see a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.”

Throughout history, art has woven ingeniously with religion. The Birth of Venus, The Last Supper, The Last Judgement, are a few of the innumerable examples of primeval paintings based on the fundamental religious beliefs of their respective eras. The paintings glorify the gods worshipped by the various ancient civilizations that ever flourished on this earth.

Civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, and Mayans, placed an unshakeable faith in their respective gods and preserved these beliefs in the form of sacred art. This sacred art of painting of the deities was intended to idolize, glorify, suggest and narrate the story of their faith, belief and religion. These paintings kept religious traditions and rituals alive and made it easier for individuals to visualize a notion or event that is otherwise quite complex to understand and appreciate by mere words.

Therefore, as religion still continues to form an indestructible pillar of our social as well as spiritual beliefs, the portrayal of the devout events that are crucial to the religion, as well as of the gods, should always be encouraged in our paintings and artistry.

“Art and religion, are then, two roads by which men escape from circumstance to ecstasy.”                        

                                                                                                                       —-Clive Bell.

Gallery of Gods is a prestigious online niche gallery that brings a magnificent exhibition of religious paintings and artistic works, aimed at magnifying the immense glory and beauty of  Hindu gods, Christian saints. Lord Buddha, Islamic Architecture as well as other innumerable new and old beliefs across the world, including mythical Greek and Roman gods.  Thereby continuing the significance of religious artworks. We are always actively looking for artistic works representing religious deities or events of any belief that is followed by any ethnic group in any corner of the globe.

Online art gallery

Our gallery presents an online art gallery with diverse range of religious, spiritual and mythological paintings and artefacts that narrate renowned mythical tales of Hindu deities, Christian saints,  Angels.  Paintings such as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna with his beloved lady Radha seated in the garden of Nandon, Powerful and beautiful Goddess Durga slaying Asura, Gautam Buddha meditating, along with innumerable range of Islamic Calligraphy and gorgeous paintings of Greek and Roman Gods. The search for beautiful art representing new and old faiths and beliefs is always on.

Online art gallery in Kolkata

We are based in the Indian city of Kolkata, capital city of the state of Bengal, which possesses an astounding legacy of Art. We almost exclusively export our ingeniously artistic paintings across the globe. This is an online art gallery in Kolkata.
Gallery of Gods is an esteemed subsidiary of our major online gallery as DAUGHTOR. This main gallery provides strong-willed mission to provide an unshakeable platform. The gallery presents fresh emerging talents, veteran maestros and recognized artists. In addition to this, it also aims to bring back Art from the abandoned and dilapidated corner of the house to the front of the general public’s eye. It not only places an emphasis on paintings, but rather enfolds all categories of Art such as installations, sculptures and all brand new embodiments of Art from Bengal and the rest of India.

Gallery of Gods is one small homage to Art, firmly believing in the golden saying “Old is Gold” and aspires to inspire new generations to serious religious Art. Please join us in this journey so that we all may help bring beauty and peace to this world.